About Us

Now  in its second generation, Meisinger Construction Company, Inc. has  grown to become a successful Family Owner and operated general  construction company. Founded in 1971 by Thomas J. Meisinger, Meisinger  Construction Company, Inc. now employs a daughter and three sons. 

By  being Family Owner and Operated, you are guaranteed quality Construction, competitive pricing, timely completion, professional project management, and most importantly, personal attention by a family  member who will handle your project from inception to construction to  completion.   

Meisinger Construction Company, Inc. is actively involved in the  competitive bid market as a General Contractor. This involvement has  given our company:

The capacity to complete projects within a “Guaranteed Maximum Price" budget

The ability to attract the maximum number of competitive bids from    quality subcontractors and suppliers

An excellent established working relationship with Architects and Engineers

The skill to manage construction projects that are in close proximity to existing structures

The expertise to accomplish major remodeling work while maintaining operation of the existing facility

Meisinger  Construction Company, Inc. in its nearly three decades of experience  has compiled a valuable data base from which to draw on when, asking  budget estimates. Our firm utilizes value engineering throughout all  phases of the project and suggests alternative products, methods and  approaches to insure total cost effectiveness. The stability of our work  force, both office and field crews, is unmatched in the industry. By  controlling the growth of our firm, we are able to give more attention  to detail to completing your project and we are able to keep the  operation of our company in the family.

As professional builders, we  thrive on competition and innovation. Our goals are continuous  improvement and profitable growth. So weather it’s a multi-million  dollar project or a simple redesign, Meisinger Construction Company,  Inc. has a personal interest in meeting your construction needs as well  the resources needed to complete them within budget and on time.